NewsLa Rulles is back!

November 5, 2021by Paolo Mattavelli

Hello everybody,

our Belgian shelves are full now!

We have:

  • La Blonde (maybe the first belgian beer brewed with american hops) Alc. 7%Vol.
  • La Estivale (a bit bitter and very fresh with citrus notes) Alc. 5,2% Vol.
  • La Holy Hop Circus (light beer with a Mosaic dry-hopping) Alc. 4,6% Vol.
  • la Triple (their beer ambassador) Alc. 8,4% Vol.
  • La Brune (initially the brewer didn’t like it, but with some modification now it is one of his favourite. Dry and robust) Alc. 6,5% Vol.

We know many of you already tasted them and if you want they are here waiting for you.

See you