NewsBirrificio Lariano from Sirone (LC)

November 6, 2021by Paolo Mattavelli

Hello everybody!

Birrificio Lariano is here with many beers:

  • Serial Keller a Keller (alc. Vol. 4,6%)
  • Bloom a Blanche (alc. Vol. 5%)
  • Salada a simil Gose (alc. Vol. 5%)
  • Falesia a Bock (alc. Vol. 7%)
  • Bassa Marea a Indian Pacific Lager (alc. Vol. 5%)
  • Statale 52 an America Pale Ale (alc. Vol. 6%)
  • Stonehenge a Rye IPA (alc. Vol. 5%)
  • Ziskie an Hybrid IPA (alc. Vol. 6%)
  • Mirage a Belgian Ale (alc. Vol. 6%)
  • Aura a Belgian Strong Ale (alc. Vol. 7%)
  • TripĂ© a Triple (alc. Vol. 8%)
  • Madiba Imperial an Imperial Porter (alc. Vol. 8%)

If you want to taste something you know where to find us!