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Derived from LeGrandMissChot for spontaneous passage in Nebbiolo barrels for 1 year. The hoppy notes give way to grapes and apricots. Mild is the woody note like the acid one, present but never invasive. It leaves a perfectly clean mouth, making it ideal for many combinations.

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Our Miss has a reinforced English Brown base, where the malty, toasted and caramel notes play with each other, balanced by a very English IPA hop. Herbaceous and with only a citrus shade that is diluted in the long gustatory path of our favorite beer.

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Indian Pale Ale balanced, fine and persistent foam. Mixed American and New Zealand hopping present but non-invasive, with notes of ripe fruit and citrus. Caramelized malts. Easy to drink beer, from the aperitif until after a meal.

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Summer Ale to drink in one breath, in Garganella! Low alcohol content but lots of taste. Herbaceous hopping with light notes of melon, flanked by hints of malt hay.

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A free interpretation of Tripel with Sicilian Orange peel, cardamom, and a hint of smoked malts. Soft beer and very easy to drink, with citrus, spicy notes of American grapes and a light smoked that guarantees rapid cleaning in the mouth.

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